“I’m about to drive into the ocean, Imma try to swim from something bigger than me, kick off my shoes and swim good.

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Lea Michele And Jonathan Groff Grab Juice After Hiking (x)
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“I remember Audra McDonald, coming back stage and saying “make sure when you warm up…” and I remember her putting her hands around my diaphragm and saying I want you to take a deep breath in and she would teach me how to extend my diaphragm and tell me what scales to do. Peter Friedman taught me about being on time, and being ready for your cue and how to behave on stage. And Marin taught me how to have fun and she taught me how to laugh and to not be so hard on yourself. All those little things were my lessons and I got them without taking singing lessons, acting lessons – those were my teachers and I owe everything to them. That was Ragtime for me.”
-Lea Michele.

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Love Letter to Jonathan Groff by Lea Michele

From Lea’s new book “Brunette Ambition”

Release date May 20, 2014

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Anyone who takes the time to be kind is beautiful. —Richelle E. Goodrich (via avoxia)

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Imagine walking in on your icon having sex with your previous icon.

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if helga hufflepuff isn’t ur favorite founder then ur wrong because when all the other founders were like ‘i’ll teach the smart ones’ and ‘i’ll teach the aristocratic ones’ and ‘i’ll teach the ones who r willing to fight bears with their teeth’ helga was just like ‘fuck that i’ll teach anybody who wants to learn’ and thats how u do education

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Kurt Hummel is here.

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Acting is fun and I refuse to get involved in the semantics and the politics of strategy and breaking out of something or doing something because you need to do something else. For me it’s all about what fuels my soul and if I’m passionate about a screenplay then that’s what I’ll do next.”

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